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About US

PRS is focused on meeting patient and community needs, including coordination of medical services
for those participating in Drug Court Programs and those involved in the Criminal Justice System. 

The providers at PRS have specialized training to treat and manage clients struggling from opiate and alcohol dependence. When used with counseling, our unique protocol has been shown to be effective against alcohol
‚Äčand opioid dependence. It has also been shown to help with the prevention of relapse.


There are thousands of success stories regarding dependence and sadly there are countless more stories of failure. 
PRS wants to help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your long term goals.  
We love being part of the team that you can rely on to put you back on the road to success. 

gold standard care

  • PRS works with a national credentialing firm to handle all new staff. 
  • PRS works with a specialized recruiter with access to a vast database of medical professionals to secure appropriate contracts ensuring seamless service through every expansion into a new county. 
  • PRS contracts with a service provider to ensure client confidentiality is maintained and treatment files are secure. 

Positive Recovery Solutions, LLC

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Washington pa 15301
Phone: (412) 660-7064 

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