There are thousands of success stories regarding dependence and sadly there are countless more stories of failure. Our mission is to  help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your long term goals.  

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                                  Jessica Gurwin comes to PRS with 12 years clean and sober, a masters degree in education, a mother, wife, public speaker and over 10 years experience working with addicts in recovery.  Originally from Pennsylvania, Jessica struggled with drugs and alcohol for over 10 years.  Her addiction eventually led her to intravenous drug use, homelessness, sickness and suffering.  She went to her 12th treatment program in 2005.  Out of options, she was placed in a long term halfway house where she lived for 9 months and then worked for the next year.  Jessica accredits her sobriety on a number of things.  She believes that if if she did not have a collaboration of people (county funded, counselors, parents, doctors and friends) supporting her, she would never have had the ability to stay in treatment.  Jessica also believes, for her, abstinence based recovery was the only way she could get and stay clean.  She did not want recovery when she went into this last treatment.  She just didn’t want to be homeless anymore.  After a period of abstinence and hearing the message of hope, she began to want this new life.  Today, Jessica lives in Columbus Ohio and wants to bring these life changing services to her state.  She has watched countless friends and family members die from this epidemic and she is no longer willing to sit by and watch.  Not being a product of MAT she was unsure about what we were doing.  She went on the road with us for one week and after watching how PRS works, she was ready to join our team. “The fact that they do not believe that Vivitrol is the magic pill, but rather a way to allow the voices in our head (cravings) to stop so that the real work of counseling can get through, is one of the most groundbreaking things I have seen in addiction recovery,” Gurwin said.  She says, “the final reason I decided to join PRS was seeing a group of recovering addicts going to any length to create a collaboration of people (doctors, judges, counselors, etc ) to wrap around each addict to help them on the road to recovery.  This is something I want to be apart of.  This is saving lives.” 

Jessica Gurwin

Regional Marketing Director

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